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Tribute To Mrs. Janice Bell
Posted On:
Monday, April 22, 2019

Mrs. Janice Bell

1964 - 2019 



       The Watts School Family is deeply saddened at the loss of our dear Mrs. Janice Bell. Mrs. Bell began teaching at Watts in 1999 and was a current faculty member. She passed away on April 21, 2019. She has touched many lives and helped an endless number of people during her time here. Helping others was something she always did. Words cannot express our deep appreciation for her and our feelings of devastation for our loss. Our sincere sympathy goes out to Mrs. Bell’s family.


The following was written by Mrs. Bell in 2012:

“I was born in Texas and I had gone to three different schools by the time I graduated from high school.  I spent six years, from ages 3 to 9, at McGuire Air Force Base and then I went to Tahlequah Public Schools from grades 4 -7.  I went to Oaks Missions High School from grades 8 - 12, graduating in 1983.  I married my wonderful husband in January 1984 and we have two wonderful children.  Dee, my son, was born in 1985 and is 28 years old.  He was born on Elvis' birthday, so he now thinks that Elvis is king. My daughter, Martha, was born in 1987 and is 25 years old.  Both of my children have college degrees.  Dee's is in Criminal Justice and Martha's is in Art Education.  I am really proud of my children.  Dee is now working with DHS helping families get financial assistance.  Martha is now working at NSU.

I have three older sisters and we were all born in different cities of the United States.  I am the proud aunt of several nieces and nephews.”


Mrs. Bell wrote the following in 2013:

“I have been teaching at Watts Public School since October 1999.  That's 14 eventful years.  I really love working here and love the people I work with.  As with all schools, there have been some good times and some bad times but I wouldn't have missed out on teaching at this wonderful school.”


Mrs. Bell will be genuinely missed but never forgotten.


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