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Ki Bois Closes Watts Head Start Program
Posted On:
Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Program Lost Federal Funding

Ki Bois has contacted Watts Public Schools to notify that the Head Start Program housed at the school will be closing.  An official with Ki Bois has reported that they have lost a lot of federal funding and must close 4 head start programs.  Unfortunately, the Watts Program is one that they are closing. The site at Westville is remaining open and parents are welcome to contact the Westville Head Start office for enrolling children, according to the official.

Watts Public Schools has contacted several agencies, looking for another Head Start Program to fill the void. We realize how valuable the Head Start Program is to many children and families, and we will be glad to partner with another agency. At this time, however, there is nothing available for the upcoming school year.  We hope that changes, and if it does, we will reach out to parents in the community.

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