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Student of the Month
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Monday, September 26, 2016
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Teachers and Staff of Watts School nominate a student from their class each month to be selected as the Student of the Month.  Students may be nominated because they have displayed one or all of the following: a positive attitude, determination, and perserverence towards school.


Each month the Student of the Month will be announced. Each student will receive a certificate, FREE game pass for themselves and 2 parents, a bag of chips, and a can of pop.

February Students of the Month


PK  Dalton Stanley


K    Marie Ibarra


1st    Laverie Hudgens


2nd    Kreadence Myers


3rd    Mikey Espitia


4th     Madison Kindle


5th    Maci Jones


6th     Sarah Lea


7th     Camron Hair


8th     Abby Beller


9th     Brittany Williamson


10th     Alexis Dale


11th     Madison Hubbard


12th     Cameron Dale



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